TripShift provides automated carbon tracking for employee commutes, business travel and transport.

Sounds very clever. But why would we need this?

The Problem

Carbon tracking, why?

We've all heard about the NetZero challenge ... and most of us understand the urgent need to decarbonise our lives to safeguard the planet for future generations.

But do we, as businesses, understand how this will affect our operations and compliance requirements? Unless you’ve been keeping a close eye on developments, the chances are it all seems rather vague and confusing. And let’s face it, all but the largest corporations are busy navigating other, more pressing challenges in the face of the pandemic aftermath and  global financial pressures.

The good news: here at TripShift we’ve made it our business to keep on top of this moving landscape, so you don’t have to. The TripShift solution will enable your business to meet its corporate responsibilities in this new world, including:

International TCFD regulation
ESG(Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) governance
Direct taxation or other financial levies
Net zero commitments




What are Scope 3 Emissions?

You'll be hearing a lot about Scope 3 emissions from now on, so it's important to understand what they are, so you know what you'll need to report on.

On June 7th, 2021, G7 finance ministers announced a commitment to mandate climate reporting in line with the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Scope 3 emissions include any carbon emissions related to business travel, employee commuting and across supply chains.

Business Travel

Planes, trains & automobiles

Employee commutes

Yes really, you’ll need to account for these too.

Supply chain logistics

Oh, ok. It’s getting a bit deep isn’t it.

So you're probably asking...

How can TripShift help my business?

As the world moves towards its net-zero targets, the responsibility lies with everyone to play our part in the effort to decarbonise.

Businesses must take their responsibilities seriously – customers and stakeholders are increasingly discerning about your company’s climate credentials. But beyond positive brand perception, regulatory requirements are about to become very real for businesses, and very few are prepared for what’s to come.

TripShift applies our proprietary technology to capture how and where your teams are moving around the world, and automatically assigns accurate carbon emissions. As well as meeting the growing regulatory and stakeholder demands for these emissions to be measured. TripShift provides the vital data and insights required to understand the behaviours and patterns of travel supporting the change to more sustainable mobility, and implement positive strategies to reduce the organisation’s emissions.

Watch our explainer video to learn more.

The TripShift platform consists of 2 key elements – an innovative smartphone app and a corporate dashboard.

Innovative Smartphone App

Unique tracking technology

The TripShift app delivers game-changing tracking and analysis of your movement, without you or your team having to lift a finger.

It uses our proprietary technology to understand where and how your employees are moving, whatever their mode of transport, calculating accurate carbon data for the journey.

It’s a true ‘set and forget’ solution – the app works away in the background, doing all the donkey work for you. No data entry needed, and no wasting valuable time.

Corporate Dashboard

Transparent, GDPR-compliant data analysis

The TripShift platform gathers movement data for all your staff using the TripShift app, compiling and calculating your organisations emissions and providing analysis, legislation-compliant reporting and insights into how to reduce your carbon footprint.


Accurate, effortless tracking of Scope 3 emissions, for the price of a cup of coffee per employee per month.*

* Enjoy your coffee responsibly while commuting more sustainably 🙂 

Move Better.

We have big plans.

Our roadmap is ambitious. Over the coming months we will be building on our unique offering to provide a truly holistic solution to your carbon tracking needs.

Hardware tracker

Our proprietary tracking technology, wrapped in a no frills gizmo. No smartphone required! Ideal for fleet vehicles and logistics operations.

Powered by TripShift

Our technology will be ‘white labelled’ as a SaaS offering for integration into wider corporate systems.

Sustainable Marketplace

We are building a network of trusted carbon reduction, mitigation and trading partners, served through our app and platform.

We look forward to telling you more.

How can we help you?

Get in touch! Our team look forward to telling you more about how TripShift is uniquely positioned to help your business revolutionise it's approach to the carbon challenge and get ahead of the game with your ESG/TCFD requirements.

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    Testimonials from our clients

    Sam Maguire

    Employee travel is a critical element of the Scope 3 challenge and we need easy-to-use, innovative technology solutions to enable reporting and optimisation of travel behaviours. We think TripShift meets this brief and has the potential to support organisations with their net-zero roadmap and meet the expectations of regulators, investors and customers.

    Natalie Izzard

    Octopus EV
    Octopus Electric Vehicles are delighted to be using the TripShift platform. We are very focussed on green energy as a business so it is great to explore our team's carbon footprint in more depth, and provide employees with tools to make tangible reductions in their scope 3 emissions.

    Our Partners