A 'New' Normal

A ‘New’ Normal

The current pandemic enforced lockdown with its stay at home message has massively disrupted all aspects of our usual daily lives. None more so than the massive changes in our normal travel patterns with none essential travel on-hold, public transport limited and of course social distancing creating further restrictions on how we move.

As a result of this lack of movement big reductions in transport related emissions have been recorded. Carbon output has been lowered significantly and air quality also improved in urban areas. All of which is of course a good thing for our environment in the short-term but the gains would soon be reversed if we all went back to business as usual on Monday.

it has also given us a glimpse into what our transport future must look like if we are to control and curtail the worst impacts of the increasingly perilous climate crisis. In the UK and Europe transport in all its forms account for around 25% of our carbon emissions and globally it represents around 20%.

The pandemic has enforced a change in our travel behaviour but it has shown us how we will all need to change. Over the centuries, time and time again the human race has demonstrated our ability to turn adversity into advantage, the ability to create positives out of negative situations.

As we slowly begin to emerge from our pandemic lock-down, we should all seize the opportunity to change our behaviour, to live and move more sustainably wherever possible. If we all make some small but consistent changes to our daily lifestyles then the overall positive impact on our environment will be so much bigger.

TripShift is developing an app that will support us all in making that change. An automated carbon movement tracker. Helping people to understand, reduce and offset their transport related carbon emissions.

Changing our behaviour, turning the ‘new’ normal into just normal.

This is the time for TripShift.

The app will be launching later this year.

TripShift is also currently seeking seed investment with both SEIS and EIS investment opportunities available.

If you are interested to learn more then please do get in touch and let’s begin the conversation.