TripShift is about trying to get us all to Move Better by helping us change our behaviour.

The TripShift team come from a variety of professional backgrounds including aviation but all encountered an increasing level of frustration at the slow progress being made in highlighting the need for individuals and businesses alike to reduce carbon emissions. The concept behind TripShift was originally developed out of a related private aviation project, quite a journey from private jets to carbon reduction!

Talking the talk, walking the walk. TripShift will become a carbon neutral business and have been working towards this from the outset. We are currently working towards accreditation as a B Corp and as part of that process have committed that TripShift will consider our impact on the environment as one of our key stakeholders and will be considered in every decision we make as a business.

There simply isn’t another choice, collectively we have to massively reduce our transport related carbon emissions and quickly. We simply need to …


Our Purpose

Movement allows businesses to explore opportunities and create value.

We support people and organisations to… Move Better.​​

Managing and reducing their transport and travel emissions, using reliable and transparent data to drive sustainable change.

Meet Team TripShift

Our mission and purpose is simple…to get people and organisations to move better.

Andrew Hughes

Experienced business leader and operations specialist with extensive experience gained in international air transport management.

Gemma Coombes

International financial and strategic leadership gained across multiple sectors including aviation, PR and media.

Stephen Cameron

Globally recognised information and data architect specialised in complex and highly regulated financial markets.

Margo Leach

Product Director
Extensive experience as a Chief Product Officer with experience building high-performing product teams and launching successful products.

Nick Brennan

Creative Director
Talented UI and web designer with a strong mix of creative and technical skills gained across the music and media industries.

Sebastien Thomas

Commercial Director
Focused on sales strategy and business development across multiple sectors including co-founding a sustainable start-up in South Africa.

Francesca Mobley

Community Manager
Fran is a multi-disciplinary thinker & designer; she specialises in behaviour change, with a particular emphasis on active travel.

Join the TripShift community! Let the TripShift platform enable your business to make quantifiable carbon reductions and meet your regulatory requirements.