TripShift Logo

Co2Motion becomes TripShift – on a road to change the world

As some of you might know, the original name for our app was Co2Motion – as we are in motion and producing Co2 on our morning commutes. It seemed to be the perfect name, until we came across a few minor challenges. Our core mission really is to bring change, to encourage education and understanding of the environmental impact of carbon emissions, and to become a voice to be heard in the green movement – all while being completely positive! Did our old name really convey all of this for us?

The naming challenge

So we thought: How can we combine these values in a name? How can we make our mission known simply by the name of our brand? Our founders sat together, brainstormed, discussed, disagreed, chaired focus groups and created word clouds. The challenge was real!
And then one day our marketing manager came up with the name “TripShift”. TripShift embodies everything we do: We take a trip – our App calculates our Co2 – and then we amend our habits to make the world a better place – a little shift.

We fully trust in the process too: Now that our app is about to launch and we can fully identify with our new name, we are ready to take on the world of carbon emissions and make the world a better, cleaner place – one commute at a time.