Move 2020

Despite the fact that in February 2020 we were only technically 1 month old we took the brave decision to attend Move 2020 as part of their Start-up Village. Armed with a set of wireframes, the basic technical platform design and with a real sense of trepidation we set up our tiny booth at the show. I arrived at around 9.30 on day one with my daughter who was helping us man the booth and was surprised to see activity on our stand already. Within minutes I was deep in conversation with a Director of a large Asian Banking Corporation. They were on the look-out for new start-ups in the sustainable travel sector.​

The day got busier from there and our booth was almost permanently full of visitors of all sorts. I’d honestly expected it to be a bit of a ghost town, but our business had attracted a lot of attention as it was unique and served an important sector (carbon reduction in travel).​

We had the foresight to employ two wonderful members of Generation Z to support our efforts (my daughter and the son of another one of the Founders) and they were brilliant at the show as they fielded questions about the App in a very non sales like way (before myself and the other Founders lumbered in!). They also gave fantastic insight on what Millennials and Gen Z want and use. This has helped us as we create and fine tune our product ready for launch in the Summer.​

We left the show two days later with tons of new possible partnerships to follow up, pockets filled with business cards and a real sense that we are on to something special. By the end of the month we had meetings with two major UK travel suppliers and agreed in principal our first commercial partnership. What a great experience and one we will be repeating next year for sure.​

Matt Findel-Hawkins