TripShift is a unique and innovative technology platform that can be used by businesses, communities and individuals that accurately records how much carbon their business or personal journeys create.

Our solution consists of 2 key elements – an innovative smartphone app and a corporate dashboard.

Already available in the app stores, the app takes carbon counting to the next level. It precisely tracks where you are moving, but also automatically understands how you are moving – Trains, planes, cars, even the underground! All of this in near-realtime. It’s an automated process with no need for repeated manual data entry just leave the app ticking away in the background.

The TripShift app is a unique, automated CO2 emissions tracker, focused on your daily journeys.

Automatically recognising where you are and how you are moving from door-to-door.
Near-instant feedback, tracking and calculating the carbon emissions across your journeys.
Highlighting more sustainable options. Allowing you to make the right choices.

Working hand-in-hand with our iOS and Android apps, the TripShift Platform allows a business to collate emissions data across its entire workforce, in a data secure capture process that ensures employee privacy, but gives the business the tools it needs to track, reduce and ultimately report its transport related carbon emissions.

Businesses will be able to easily manage, track, reduce and report their transport related carbon emissions.

As the legislation around carbon emissions evolves, we intend to make the reporting process as simple as it is now to file your VAT return, collating the data and sending it digitally direct to the tax authority with supporting verification.