TripShift is a unique and pioneering, technology platform.

It is designed to enable users to make real reductions in their levels of carbon emissions utilising automated journey and transport tracking.

Holistic Travel Analysis

The TripShift app puts this technology into the hands of consumers, highlighting the use of more sustainable travel options, encouraging people to change their behaviour and move better.

The TripShift app is a unique, automated CO2 emissions tracker, focused on your daily journeys.

Automatically recognising where you are and how you are moving from door-to-door.
Instant feedback, tracking and calculating the carbon emissions across your journeys.
Highlighting more sustainable options. Allowing you to make the right choices.

The TripShift data platform delivers game-changing transparency into business activities. Enabling Boards to track, report, reduce and offset their carbon footprints. TripShift data will allow a business to optimise its transport operations, reducing environmental impact, operating costs and liability for carbon related taxation.

Businesses will be able to easily manage, track, reduce and report their transport related carbon emissions.

Recording and categorizing business travel and transport across the network.
Accurate data highlights opportunities to reduce emissions and costs through efficiency.
Simple management reporting provides transparency, highlighting business impact and meeting regulatory needs.