TripShift News…

Super proud to announce that TripShift has now officially become a Pending B Corp in the UK and our journey to full B Corp accreditation is underway.

We have made the move towards becoming a B Corp early in the life of TripShift but the founders always viewed this as something we simply had to do…TripShift had to both talk the talk and walk the walk.

TripShift has a mission to get us all as individuals and businesses to move better. Changing behaviour to decarbonise our daily commutes, travels and transport – helping to combat climate change. Given our vision how could we not seek to become a B Corp?


What exactly is a B Corp?

Good question. B Corps are for-profit companies, which commit to create a positive impact on society and the environment through their operations. Basically, businesses that want to do some good in the world, beyond making profit. Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s, both famous for their sustainability credentials, are B Corps.

As an official Pending B Corp we have now demonstrated our aspiration and over the next year we will be working to translate those aspirations into reality. Working towards the publication of our first annual impact report, an annual benchmark which both underlines our commitment and demonstrates our progress and the positive impact we and our users will have created.

In order to become a B Corp, a company must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Certified by the independent non-profit B Lab. It is not an easy process but we think it’s totally worth all the time and effort to become part of something bigger – a fast growing global community of innovative and ethical businesses.

If you need any other reason to join then here are three good reasons to become a B Corp…

  1. It’s good for your people.

About half of UK B Corps report a boost in their attractiveness to potential employees who are attracted by the ethical stamp of approval. It’s good for your people as your team also enjoys an increased sense of pride in their work, knowing that they are making a difference and doing some good.


  1. It’s good for the world.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly having to demonstrate a greater purpose beyond just profit with commitments to social and environmental issues. Becoming a B Corp shows that your business is helping in trying to make the world a better place. It also means you become a member of the B Corp community of like-minded people and organisations, making positive change is always easier when you are part of a team!

A cultural shift towards conscious consumerism continues is also picking up pace by becoming a B Corp you give your customers another reason to do business with you as they also try and make a positive difference.

  1. It’s good for the bottom line.

Profit is not a dirty world and the B Corps use the certification process as a means of driving growth and increasing profit.

Profit and sustainability should not be considered as competing goals, the reverse in they both need to support each other if business and consumers are to make a positive difference in the world.

At TripShift we are at a really early stage of our journey and our voice might only be small at the moment but we think the B Corp ethos and the growing community will be key elements in our making our voice louder, telling our story and future successes.

You can find out more about TripShift here and B Corp in the UK here