At TripShift, we understood from the beginning that slowing the tide of climate change begins with the individual. Replacing a car journey with a walk or cycle can make a big difference to the amount of carbon you personally create.

That’s why we developed the TripShift app. Using an immersive and innovative UI, TripShift’s unique and proprietary ‘hands-off’ tracking technology was developed to take all the hard work out of measuring the individual’s movement-related carbon emissions, while leveraging gamification and nudge theory to drive behaviour change.

But what about corporate responsibility? Businesses are coming under increasing pressure to account for and reduce their carbon emissions. At COP26 last November, it was mandated that all businesses must improve their net zero plans  – a critical element of this was the inclusion of Scope 3 emissions which includes commuting, business travel, and logistics throughout their entire supply chains.

Legislation and taxation are almost inevitable – in the meantime, corporations must find practical ways to meet their carbon reduction pledges.. We believe that TripShift will become an important enabler in transport decarbonisation by turning net zero strategy into effective action. Climate