Can any of us afford to ignore the climate crisis?

As individuals we can all make a difference, relatively small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference when we all come together. Replacing a car journey with a walk or cycle can make a big difference to the amount of carbon you personally create.

Businesses cannot afford to pretend that this is business as usual. Organisations of all shapes and sizes will need to develop strategies to significantly reduce the amount of carbon that they produce.

In the UK surface transport equates to around 113 million tons of carbon, which represents around 22% of the UK’s total emissions. Personal car journeys in the UK amount to around 68 million tons of carbon per year.

Climate Change Committee, 6th Budget, UK, December 2020
Firms that align their business models to the transition to a net zero world will be rewarded handsomely. Those that fail to adapt will cease to exist.

Mark Carney former Governor of The Bank of England

As these strategies become implemented the effect will spread up and down business supply chains. Regulatory, investor and consumer pressure will further increase the pressure to change.

TripShift helps individuals to make more sustainable choices when it comes to their own mobility needs and also allows businesses to transform strategy into actions.