Sustainability Trade Mission Across the Nordics – Key Learnings, Opportunities, and Next Steps

Sustainability Trade Mission Across the Nordics_ Key Learnings, Opportunities, and Next Steps

May 30, 2024

From using public transportation to attending packed sessions on innovative sustainability solutions, every aspect of the journey was geared towards learning and sharing.

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Last month, I was part of a Sustainability Trade Mission to the Nordics. As we ventured on a four day journey from Helsinki to Stockholm, the trip offered not just an exploration across cities but a new lens into sustainable business practices.

The mission was organised with the goal of immersing ourselves in the Scandinavian market, known for its pioneering advancements in sustainability initiatives. Our itinerary was packed, from meeting venture capitalists and local enterprises to engaging with both public and private sectors eager for partnerships and innovative solutions.

It was back-to-back activities including ecosystem sessions, peer exchanges, VC panels, and corporate meetings, each emphasising innovation in sustainability. I found it tricky to whittle down my highlights, but here goes…

Increasing Emphasis on Sustainable Mobility

A unique aspect of this trip was our commitment to using public transportation throughout our journey. Optimising public transport around the city was a also set a precedent for responsible business travel. This mode of transport facilitated rich discussions among the delegates about sustainable mobility, which of course, was right up my street…

During the mission, I personally used the TripShift app to monitor and manage our travel emissions, providing a real-time demonstration of its capabilities. This firsthand use of the app allowed me to showcase its functionality to other participants, giving them a clear understanding of how it can seamlessly integrate into their operations to monitor and reduce carbon footprints.

This practical demonstration led to productive discussions about the potential of TripShift to support companies in delivering on their sustainability goals. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many seeing the value in implementing such a tool to gain better control over their travel-related emissions.

Sustainability Seamlessly Integrated

One of the most striking observations from the mission was how integrated sustainability was into so many facets of Nordic life – apparent not as an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of cultural and business operations. This was manifested not only in the policies and strategies of companies but also in the everyday behaviours of individuals.

In discussions with the companies I met, it became increasingly apparent that the Nordic countries are far ahead in terms of embedding sustainability into core business strategies. Unlike in other regions, where sustainability might still be siloed into specific departments, in Scandinavia, it is a baseline for business operation and development. There’s a lot to learn here in ambition, strategy, and scalability.

Following presentations, there were countless innovative conversations and engaged questions. These offered opportunities to really get to understand pain points across different regions and industries, discussions which can truly drive tangible change. I left feeling with a revitalised sense of optimism.

Cross-Sector Collaboration for the Win

The diversity of sectors represented on the mission, ranging from mobility and carbon accounting to construction and education, highlighted the power of cross-sector collaboration. We exchanged ideas with companies that were at different stages of their sustainability journey; some were exploring innovative solutions to enhance their operations, while others were looking to establish new partnerships.

This diversified integration of ideas across different sectors enriched our discussions and expanded our understanding of the multifaceted nature of sustainability challenges. It emphasised the need for solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also adaptable to various industry needs.

So many of my interactions with the companies were optimistic and highlighted tangible ways to partner and drive positive impact. It was encouraging and TripShift’s technology could help streamline their operations, reduce their environmental impact, and improve overall efficiency.

These discussions were not just theoretical but were aimed at creating actionable plans and pilot projects. The readiness of these companies to integrate new technologies and approaches into their operations was encouraging and highlighted the potential for rapid deployment of sustainable solutions in their business models.

Early Adopters, Pioneers and Game Changing Attitudes

One thing that filled me with confidence and optimism throughout my discussions across the trip, everyone was very willing to work with startups just like TripShift. The Nordics in general are a huge source of innovation and in turn were enthusiastic to back innovative solutions that set out to deliver positive impact.

TripShift’s platform is designed to support fast-moving scalability, crucial in regions like the Nordics where innovations within conscious initiatives are rapidly evolving. Our app and platform facilitate the easy integration of sustainability practices into business operations, enabling companies to adopt and scale initiatives efficiently.

By providing robust data tracking and analytics, TripShift enables businesses to lead in sustainability. Our platform’s design ensures smooth adoption, crucial for companies aiming to be pioneers in their sectors, allowing them to leverage sustainability as a core competitive advantage.

Until Next Time Scandinavia!

The trip was of benefit in so many ways. An opportunity to show off our app in real life, understand the pain points and opportunities within a market so advanced in sustainability initiatives, and meet other people and businesses so truly committed to driving positive change.

Shout out to London & Partners for running such a great trip! Anyone interested in talking about how TripShift can bring innovation, efficiency and game changing insights to their business, let’s chat.

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