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TripShift News…

Super proud to announce that TripShift has now officially become a Pending B Corp in the UK and our journey to full B Corp accreditation is underway. We have made the move towards becoming a B Corp early in the life of TripShift but the founders always viewed this as something we simply had to […]

Co2Motion becomes TripShift – on a road to change the world

As some of you might know, the original name for our app was Co2Motion – as we are in motion and producing Co2 on our morning commutes. It seemed to be the perfect name, until we came across a few minor challenges. Our core mission really is to bring change, to encourage education and understanding […]

A ‘New’ Normal

The current pandemic enforced lockdown with its stay at home message has massively disrupted all aspects of our usual daily lives. None more so than the massive changes in our normal travel patterns with none essential travel on-hold, public transport limited and of course social distancing creating further restrictions on how we move. As a […]

New World Order

‘Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway round the world’.  And so, says chaos theory, emerging as it did from the study of weather in the 60’s & 70’s by the eminent mathematician and meteorologist, Edward Lorenz. How ironic then that the stilling of a bat’s wing in a […]

Move 2020

Despite the fact that in February 2020 we were only technically 1 month old we took the brave decision to attend Move 2020 as part of their Start-up Village. Armed with a set of wireframes, the basic technical platform design and with a real sense of trepidation we set up our tiny booth at the show. I arrived […]